Thursday, May 12, 2011

Slide Number in Warsaw theme of Latex-Beamer

Recently I have made my first presentation on Latex Beamer. But I have faced problem to give slide number using the theme Warshaw. There is a method to do this by the following command :

%\setbeamertemplate{footline}{Your Footer Text \hfill\insertframenumber/\inserttotalframenumber}

But which actually removes footer graphics. A workaround I found to place slide number in Short Title of the presentation. So, you can use this in your \title command :

\title[My short title \hspace{25mm} \insertframenumber/\inserttotalframenumber]{My Title}

The resultant output :

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Solve Bangla Text problem in Firefox 4

Whenever I first use Firefox 4, I saw that Bangla texts are coming distorted. According to this link from Mozilla Support team, the problem can be fixed by changing font (Option > Content) in Firefox 4.

But the problem remains still remains as the header of the tabs shows distorted characters. Also, if you write anything in the search text box, letters are also misplaced. Today, I found the workaround of that problem. The problem actually happens if you change your system default font (Vrinda) to anything other like Siyam Rupali or any Unicode Bangla font. This is done when you setup Avro keyboard 5. So, the solution is, click Setup icon > Font fixer in Avro Keyboard 5 and click to Restore as shown in figure.

After restart your PC, problem will be fixed!

Note: I have tested it in Windows Seven. For Windows XP, installing IComplex from OmicronLab might solve the problem.

Monday, May 9, 2011

View Last Modified Date of a Web Page

Couple of days ago, I need to see how old a web page, specially actually when it was modified last. Then I found there is an JavaScript method to do this.

For seeing last modified date of any web page, go to the page and simply write the following to browsers address-bar.


Easy and simple!