Sunday, June 12, 2011

Use terminal directly from Kate

Kate, along with Geany is one of my favorite text editor. One of the good features of Kate is that it open a file in terminal in the files own loacation. For Example, if you have a file in D drive, with following path : Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/File1 then Kate will open it in terminal in the same location say Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/File1 for my given example.

Ubuntu users might find that terminal in disable in Kate. Personally I also face the problem. The reason for the problem is Kate actually build on KDE distribution. Hence if you use the terminal of Kate, you need to install the package konsole in Ubuntu. So, go to your Ubuntu desktop terminal (Application > Accesories > Terminal) and type the following command :

sudo apt-get install konsole


  1. Thanks "sudo apt-get install konsole" really helped ,but kate terminal isn't in cuurent directory

    1. Thanks. Changing the directory using 'cd' might work..

  2. Thank you, i pissed off for missing console.
    Also, nice explanation. thank yo once more

  3. Thanks, that helps.

  4. To change the directory automatically to the directory of the file you re working without the need of the cd command you can enable the "Automatically synchronize the terminal with the current document when possible" option which you will find in Tools->Configure Kate->Terminal