Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sync your cloud data elegantly!

Nowadays Cloud providers offer more spaces in free. However, to sync your data, either you need to manually upload you in the cloud server or use tools by the providers. Almost all providers like Google, Dropbox, SkyDrive have their own app to sync your files in the cloud. However, to sync, you need to place your file in the specific folder of your local machine. For example, if you use Dropbox, you need to place all your files to the 'Dropbox' folder created at the time of the installation of Dropbox desktop. Same is true for Google Drive and SkyDrive. So, if your files are in seperate drive or folder, you need to copy it in the designated folder which is bothering to me. Even if you create the shortcut of your folder, it won't work, only the link will upload to cloud, not the exact data file. So, what is the solution? I searched a bit in net, and get an idea here. The answer is quite simple: use symbolic link. Details of symbolic link is discussed here. What we need to install the free software Link Shell Extension . Copy your desired folder (i.e., E:\Docs\Folder1) and paste the symbolic link in app folder (i.e., if you use Dropbox, for default it is C:\Users\USER_NAME\Dropbox). Now Dropbox will automatically sync all the files of  E:\Docs\Folder1 .

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